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This is simply just a group for me to post random things i find amusing when i'm completely bored or when i should be writing a paper.

The Redneck Play Station

Posted By Tiffany Sollog on Nov 21, 2008 at 9:06AM

It's gotten down to this...enjoy!
Redneck Play Station
Get 'em while you can!



Having a bad day

Posted By miss-britt on Nov 15, 2008 at 11:15AM

Today i woke up, had like a two hour talk with my mom and just about anything.

I realized that i don't have misquiote bite, it has to be that i have bed bugs or whatever they are called in my bed. So now that's a new thing i have to worry about. If you have any tips on how to get rid of them. Stop the itching. please let me now.

Idk, what's going on with me though, i started talking to my sister and i just started bawling. I guess i just need a good cry.
So i leave you with this.

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Video of the day

Posted By miss-britt on Nov 15, 2008 at 11:12AM
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advice and halloween costume

Posted By miss-britt on Nov 2, 2008 at 5:43PM

gosh i haven't been on in so long. how is everyone????

that was my halloween costume- i was an ipod!

here's my story:
A friend i was really close with last semester and i had a fallen out. I was homeless for about a week and she let me stay at her house for the week and gave me a mattress and helped move that into my apartment. I was really thankful for the everything, i even gave the family a gift a head of time to say thank you. But apparently i didn't say thank you to her father after he helped me move into my apartment. To be honest, it was so long ago i can't remember if i did or didn't, and if i didn't i believe i was really overwhelm with the whole process that i forgot. Well, that was the reason why my friend hasn't talked to me since June. She didn't tell me that was the reason, i found out through a mutual friend. This makes me so angry, especially because i try to contact her all this summer and we have a class together this semester. This gave her enough time to talk to me about it.
During class, we do not speak to one another, sit across the room from each other. But when i give presentations or i have to look in her direction for something she's always smiling- which to me gives me the vibe she's being fake which is one of my pet peeves.
I told my mom about the whole situation and she thinks i should speak to her. I don't know if can without blow off steam at her for not being a good enough friend to mention it to me and thought cutting off an entire friendship over this was better.

I was thinking about giving her a message on facebook something long the line with:
I found out why you haven't spoken to me since june. Anyways all i have to say is i appreciated everything your dad and family did for me. If i had forgotten to say Thank You, sorry. I understand your dad didn't want you to mention anything to me, but to end a friendship over that makes NO sense to me. but that's just me.

but i'm just mad- what do you think??

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video of the day

Posted By miss-britt on Sep 22, 2008 at 10:54PM
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so here's the news

Posted By miss-britt on Sep 21, 2008 at 2:27PM

i didn't get into the musical. I'm a little heartbroken... since i totally love the show. but i'll be okay here's the song that will help me pick me up from how i feel.

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Quick updates

Posted By miss-britt on Sep 21, 2008 at 10:10AM

I just wanted to share some things that's going on in my life recently.
My school's theater company is doing The Wiz this semester and i decided to try out for it, since The Wiz is one of my favorite musicals and i'm inching to get back into performing. The audition was on Friday, i tried out to just be in the ensemble. I performed Shadowboxer By Fiona Apple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV1DyE5LG8A. I'm an alto so that song is perfect for my range. Even though i completely forgot about the audition and didn't get a chance to practice/warm up before the audition i surprisingly did really well.
So well, i got a call back. YAY. I definitely forgot the call backs were the next day, i was in new york hanging out with my 'loverboy' so i had to rush back ( i use that term loosely) to jersey and go to the audition. When i got there, they already had done the dancing, which i was looking forward to. But i was then told i had to audition for a supporting role for Aunt 'Em. Every time i practice the song on my own-it was almost borderline perfect and then i perform in front everyone and completely screw up on one of the lines of the song and then after that it was downhill. Unfortantely i got cut from that, but tonight i find out if i made the show or not. Cross your fingers, i get to be in the show in the ensemble part which is what i wanted from the start.

Embarrassing Moment to start off the semester:
The other night, after getting dinner from the dinning hall, i ran to catch the bus. I'm pretty sure the bus driver saw me running for the bus. However, he closed the door on me. And i'm not talking about in front of me face i'm talking about ON ME. I WAS IN BETWEEN THE DOORS.
It was soooo painful and the bus was somewhat full. I felt so embarrassed. I'm convince our school bus drivers are trying to kill off RU students one by one.

And that's basically it, i believe.

video of the day

Posted By miss-britt on Sep 21, 2008 at 10:01AM

video of the day

Posted By miss-britt on Sep 16, 2008 at 7:06PM
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wow- it's actually pretty long to read.

Posted By miss-britt on Sep 16, 2008 at 11:11AM

I actually had an enjoyable day yesterday. I don't know if it's because i woke up in a good mood or what?

My day consisted of me going to class all day. I had done all my homework before hand and for some reason that felt good-because i normally don't do so.

I went to my feminist french women class, and we had in depth conversation about two essays Simone De Beauvoir had wrote. 'The Mother' and 'Women In Love' the more i read her stuff, the more i feel a connection to her to some extent. In 'The Mother' she explains how women are seen by men as a simple womb and basically feels the need to breed. And with this she will think having a child will fill this void that is missing when in fact that is the wrong reason to have kids.

Simone also feels child birth and the whole pregnancy experience is replusive and can't understand why anyone would put themselves in that position. Maybe because i do not want kids in my future is why i felt to agree on what she had to say with her comments. She also pointed out that women should look at their ecomonic status before having children-which is agree full heartedly. In today's life it's so difficult to have children and have full times job. Who is going to able to take care of the kid? do you have enough money to put it in a good day care? or even get a nanny? Will you be able to spend quality time with you child? Or find yourself working 60+ hours a week?

In 'Women In Love' she explains that since the beginning of time women are taught that love is the ultimate goal in life. To find someone who completes you and to get married and if you don't have that you are seen as someone who is missing something.
She explains because of this women feels love is their new religion when they find a man. And with that they will lose themselves in the male. devoting everything to their significant other, by becoming his 'slave' for lack of better words. Because of this, women lose all sense of who they are and in return, most of the time the man will leave the women. Making the women then feel worthless. She feels women should not only find a man who has their own liberty but also find their own liberty. To still have a sense of who they are once they fall in love.

I feel that's so true-especially when you look at the ideology of what the 'perfect wife' should in tell. She should clean the house, cook for the husband when he comes home, be caring towards him and the children while still looking fabulous. That is entirely impossible in todays age.

In some ways i feel i'm becoming more of a 21st century women. i do find the need to get married and have kids. I don't believe in devoting everything to the man i love. Nor do i think it's important to cook, clean etc for him. I feel it should be a joint decision and we both should pitch in. Even though her essays were written in the early 1900's during the french revolution, her points are still relevant and for some reason women still do those things.

I then went to Creative writing class-which i loath at the current moment. I hate poetry and everything that involves with poetry. I don't understand nor want to write it. So why does she torture me with this crap?

My last class of the day- and the time when i am most hungry (because i start classes at 11 and don't end till 4) my Transnation class, we watching 'Paris Is Burning'. A Documentary of drag queens in Harlem in the late 80's. And how they were involve in Drag Ball-it was quite interesting and i had no idea that Voguing was an actual dance that they started. I just thought it was some lame song Madonna made up.

Then i got my hair done-seriously beauty is pain. I almost shed of tear, not cool.

Then came home, watch gossip girl and talk to my boy. It made me happy he called me his 'love', in spanish. Oh spanish boys are such sweet talkers.

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